Embracing “Sleeping August”: Prepping for the Fall Rush

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While summer is often synonymous with vacations and relaxation, savvy business professionals recognize a unique opportunity as the season progresses. Enter August – the month often viewed as the calm before the storm of the bustling fall. For those keen to capitalize on this perceived downtime, ‘Sleeping August’ is the ideal window to prepare for the anticipated fall rush.

Seize Your Investor Potential

Raising capital can be an uphill task. Yet, during August, the playing field levels out, creating the perfect opportunity for forward-thinking professionals. While many perceive August as a dormant period, it is, in reality, a golden time to:

Revisit Your Investor List: Revamp your existing list. Who’s still relevant? Who isn’t? Adjust accordingly.

Engage in Reconnaissance: Now’s the time to gather intel on potential investors you’ve eyed. Understand their preferences, recent investments, and overall inclinations.

Craft the Perfect Update: Come the Tuesday before Labor Day weekend, dispatch an ‘End of Summer’ company newsletter. Highlight any significant summer changes and hint at upcoming September/October achievements. Give them a reason to keep their eyes on you. 

Plan Ahead, Strategically

The fall isn’t just about the changing leaves; it’s packed with conferences, networking opportunities, and influential industry events. To capitalize:

Draft Your Event Calendar: Determine which conferences are worth your time.: Start by creating a comprehensive list of all the events within your industry or sector. Once you have this, prioritize them based on factors such as relevance to your business, potential for networking, quality of speakers, and anticipated return on investment

Network, Network, Network: Strategize which networking events align with your goals. Should you consider speaking or even sponsoring one?

Delegate When Necessary Can’t make it? Send a representative. Pick someone from your team to attend an event. Just be sure they are prepped ahead of time and can talk about your businesses confidently as well as answer any questions. 

Budget Smartly: Attending events can be pricey. What’s your budget? Remember, early bird offers can save you a bundle. Weigh these costs against potential benefits to help make a smart decision with your money. 

The Little Things Matter 

Every fall, there’s a universal murmur of, “I wish I’d done that in August!” Don’t be that person. 


Express Your Gratitude: Start your gratitude campaign now. Instead of the end-of-year holiday frenzy, stand out with unexpected tokens of appreciation. Thank-you cards or gifts in August have a unique charm and show your partners and clients that they are valued beyond the conventional holiday seasons.

Show Your Team You Care:  While you’re expressing gratitude externally, don’t forget your internal team. Use August as an opportunity to acknowledge their hard work and prepare them for the busy period ahead. Whether it’s a team-building event, surprise bonuses, or even a simple heartfelt note, a little appreciation can boost morale and ensure your team is motivated for the Fall and end-of-year rush.

While August may seem like a lull, it’s a strategic pause – a moment to recalibrate, strategize, and leap ahead. As the rest of the world slows down, speed up, and prepare to make the most of the upcoming opportunities. After all, success favors the prepared.

Are You Ready to Embrace the ‘Sleeping August’ Advantage?

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From devising a strategic approach to raising capital, helping you become a better networker, or enhancing your personal brand, our team of experts is equipped to ensure you make the most of this golden month. Reach out to UCS Advisors today and propel your business to new heights this fall. Your future success starts with a single, proactive step. Let’s take it together. 🚀

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