Your First MJBizCon: A Comprehensive Checklist for New Attendee

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Diving into your first MJBizCon is a thrilling chapter in your cannabis industry story. This event is a powerhouse of connections, fresh ideas, and eye-opening insights, making it a key pitstop on your industry journey. To help you navigate through and soak up all the opportunities MJBizCon has to offer, we have pieced together a friendly checklist for all you first-timers. 

As a 12-time attendee of MJBizCon, UCS Advisors is excited to share some of our best tips and advice to help you make the most of this buzzing event.

1. PreConference Preparation:

Research: Familiarize yourself with the conference agenda, speakers, and exhibitors. Highlight the sessions and booths that align with your interests and business goals.

Networking: Leverage platforms like LinkedIn and Leafwire to connect with other attendees, speakers, and exhibitors before and after the event. Leafwire in particular, has over 50,000 cannabis professionals on their platform, many of whom will be attending MJBiz Con (PRO TIP – Search for posts using #MJBiz to connect with attendees)

Accommodations: Book your accommodations well in advance, considering proximity to the conference venue.

Registration: Complete your registration and keep your confirmation handy, either printed or on your mobile device.


2. Packing Essentials:

Business Cards: Bring a plentiful supply of business cards for networking. 

Comfortable Attire: Dress professionally yet comfortably, especially with your footwear.

Chargers: Ensure you have all the necessary chargers for your electronic devices.

Notetaking Materials: Whether you prefer digital or traditional notetaking, come prepared.


3. At The Conference:

Arrival: Arrive early to familiarize yourself with the venue, and attend opening sessions.

Networking: Engage with other attendees, exchange contact information, and attend networking events.

Elevator Pitch: Have your 15, 30, and 60 second elevator pitches ready to go. You’re attending MJBizCon to uncover potential business deals, meet investors, and foster new relationships and partnerships. Being prepared to succinctly introduce yourself and your company is crucial.

Learning: Attend your planned sessions, and be open to exploring unexpected ones.

Exhibitor Interaction: Visit the booths of interest, engage in conversations, and learn about new products or services.


4. Special Networking Events:

First Timer’s Open House: Make sure to check the MJBizCon page and take advantage of special networking events like the First Timer’s Open House, which is designed to help new attendees get the most out of the conference. Also, be sure to take advantage of attending some of the ​​Community Meet-Ups happening on the Expo floor.


5. Post Conference FollowUp:

Networking FollowUp: Send personalized follow-up emails or direct messages on LinkedIn and Leafwire to the connections you made.

Knowledge Sharing: Share the knowledge you gained with your team and consider how to implement new insights into your business.

Content Creations – Create content based on what you learned. Write articles and posts to share with your networks on LinkedIn or email subscribers. 

Feedback: Provide feedback to the organizers to contribute to the continuous improvement of MJBizCon for future attendees.


6. After Parties

Jumping into the lively night scene post-conference hours is part and parcel of the whole Las Vegas experience, especially during MJBizCon! The city is famed for its “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” mantra, and there’s no shortage of after-parties to keep the energy rolling post-conference. In fact, we at UCS Advisors are thrilled to be sponsoring one such bash on November 29th – The Underground Party, orchestrated by the Sapphire Risk Advisory Group and Cann Studio. You can get a sneak peek HERE 

Now, when it comes to partying in Vegas, especially after a day of networking and learning, here’s a nugget of advice: Have a blast, pace yourself, but keep your business hat on. 

The night holds endless fun but remember, the connections you’ve nurtured throughout the day are golden. Keeping things professional even while letting loose will ensure the bonds you’ve formed remain intact and continue to flourish beyond the flashy lights and lively beats of Vegas nights. So go ahead, enjoy the parties, and balance the fun with a sprinkle of professionalism – that’s the smart way to navigate MJBizCon after dark!

7. Utilizing UCS Advisors’ Expertise:

Consultation: Consider scheduling a free consultation with UCS Advisors to dissect your MJBizCon experience and strategize on leveraging the insights and connections acquired for your business growth. We’ve been attending this event since its inception, so we can help you develop a focused strategy.

Stepping into your first MJBizCon isn’t just about attending a conference; it’s like opening a door to a vast and vibrant world within the cannabis industry. With a dash of prep, a sprinkle of active engagement, and a pinch of thoughtful follow-up, you’re on a promising path to scooping up some priceless takeaways. Can’t wait to see you at MJBizCon.

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