Your Ultimate Checklist for Speaking with Investors at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

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The upcoming Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago, scheduled for September 27th-28th, is NOT just an event on your calendar; rather it is a gateway to immense opportunities. Over the years, UCS Advisors has personally graced this conference multiple times. Our experiences—both in meeting investors and as active investors in numerous deals—have provided invaluable insights.

Based on our personal experience, we’ve crafted a checklist to guide you in making the most of this occasion:

1. Know Your Business Inside Out:

Mission and Vision: Clearly communicate the purpose of your business and its long-term goals.

Unique Value Proposition: Grasp what distinguishes you from the competition and convey it effectively.

2. Financial Readiness:

Detailed Financials: Ensure you have current financial records, projections, and essential metrics.

Funding Ask: Clearly state the funding amount you’re pursuing and the terms associated.

Use of Funds: Detail how you’ll employ the acquired funds to elevate your business.

3. The Art of the Pitch:

Elevator Pitch: Hone a succinct 30-second pitch.

Engaging Presentation: If using visual aids, ensure they’re engaging and straightforward.

Address Potential Concerns: Predict and prepare for potential investor inquiries or concerns

4. Understand the Cannabis Market:

Industry Trends: Familiarize yourself with the latest dynamics and figures in the cannabis sector.

Regulatory Environment: Stay updated on legal and regulatory aspects pertinent to the cannabis industry.


5. Physical Preparations:

Professional Attire: Appearances matter; dress to impress

Business Cards: Have them in abundance and within easy reach

Samples or Demos: Showcase product samples or demos if relevant.

Be Ready to GO – If an investor likes your deal and asks for a term sheet/paperwork be ready to send it immediately. Don’t make them wait for weeks.

6. Mindset and Etiquette:

Practice Active Listening: Listening can sometimes be more enlightening than speaking.

Stay Open to Feedback: Constructive criticism can be a goldmine for improvement

Follow-Up: Post-conference, always express gratitude to those you’ve interacted with and plan subsequent communications.

Time Vampire – Don’t be a time vampire! If an investor tells you to set a meeting with them the following week, don’t continue talking and suck their time dry. Know when to stop talking!

7. Plan Your Days

Schedule Meetings: Pre-plan meetings if you have pre-existing contacts.

Conference Map: Get acquainted with the venue to navigate it efficiently.

Use the APP – Use the official Benzinga Conference App to set up meetings and organize your day

8. Research Potential Investors:

Know Their Portfolio: Knowledge about attending investors can offer cues on their preferences.

Tailored Approach: Customize your pitch based on investor predilections.

Having navigated the energetic halls of Benzinga ourselves, and having guided countless clients to successful funding through UCS Advisors, we deeply understand the terrain. Our profession as capital raising advisors has allowed us to witness firsthand the difference proper preparation can make.

Now, while our checklist is designed to be exhaustive, ensuring your absolute readiness is crucial. And that’s where our Investor Readiness Quiz steps in. Before you make your way to Benzinga, engage with our quiz to ascertain you’re wholly prepared. This tool pinpoints your strengths and areas needing attention.

Ready to excel at Benzinga? Take the UCS Advisor’s Investor Readiness Quiz now and step into the conference with the assurance of the prepared.


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