I highly recommend David to those looking to raise money. He will help you present yourselves to investors in the best light possible to get the best opportunity to achieve your greatness and reach your goals

photo of Stacey Udell Stacey Udell Principal at HBK Valuation Group, LLC

Working with David has been nothing less than a treasure. His assertiveness, ability to control the room and create reactions is phenomenal. I’m glad I partnered with him to help created a positive, controlled networking atmosphere and attract people to my business opportunities. David has been the key to our group!

photo of Colby Piper Colby Piper Ripco Real Estate

If you are fundraising for your business, I highly recommend you connect with Dr. Dave to take it to the next level! Not only did he help us fine tune our Executive Summary and Pitch Deck, he provided great insight on managing our spheres of influence and how to network to achieve our greatness! Thank you Dr. Dave!!

photo of Amanda Terpstra Amanda Terpstra Entrepreneur

Dr. David is fantastic to work with. He and I have worked on several projects together and he always has great analysis, wonderful communication, and he is fast to respond when we are working on something urgent. Not every deal has worked out, but every deal builds our relationship. He is also very patient. I highly recommend working with Dr. David.

David Safeer Cash is Clear™ Learning Systems

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Dr. David many times over the last 4 years and have known David professionally for many more. He is one of the best networkers I have met and is an exceptional mentor and coach. In each one of our business opportunities, he has shown great integrity, motivation and proves his ability to meet the challenges faced in an unforgiving industry that still remains in its infancy. I have seen, first-hand, Dr. David’s attention to detail when evaluating opportunities, both in investments and business development and see those to a go/no-go with great success. David is a consummate entrepreneur that realizes the importance of a personal brand and being visible to multiple industries. His role as a trusted advisor has allowed my own projects to grow, scale and create opportunities for ROI. His ease in raising the capital necessary to accomplish every objective for us and others has been integral for the companies I have recommended to David and UCS advisors. I highly recommend Dr. David and UCS Advisors for anyone who is looking to actualize and scale. (And make sure you attend one of his speaking events — You’ll be glad you did!)

Richard Gilchrist Co-Founder of New Frontier Data, Co-Founder of WeGro Data

Working with David is powerful but takes grit and perseverance...things every startup founder needs to succeed. His blunt & straight-forward nature makes it easy to identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement while providing constructive feedback that effectively levels up your game. My biggest takeaway? Confidence that lasts. We were good; David and UCS helped us become great.

Peter Kasper Founder and CEO of Terpli

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