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The UCS Capital Accelerator Package is meticulously crafted to propel small to medium-sized business owners from diverse industries including cannabis, health, medical, fitness, tech, blockchain, food and beverage, real estate, and entertainment, toward substantial growth.

Whether you’re nurturing a startup or scaling an established business, UCS brings unique, value-loaded services to help you navigate your capital-raising journey successfully.

Our 6-month package is your gateway to unparalleled expertise, training, and resources, ensuring your venture is investor-ready. It’s our mission to empower you with customized support, opening doors to fruitful funding opportunities, irrespective of your business’s life cycle.

Navigate effective capital raising and maintain robust investor relations. UCS Advisors will secure up to (5) meetings with potential investors, and gain introductions to venture capitalists, angel investors, and private equity firms. Manage investor communications and expectations proficiently post-funding.

Access on-demand expert advice and strategic insights for your unique business needs. Receive specialized counsel on operations, marketing, and capital raising, and partake in tailored training sessions to align your strategies with your goals.

Elevate your brand with services aimed at enhancing visibility and content. Share your business story through interviews, gain access to exclusive VIP events, and connect with potential investors and peers, opening doors to new opportunities.

"David and the team at UCS Advisors have connected me with unique, profitable and private investment opportunities over the past few years. In addition, he has opened up his network to help me grow my travel company. I would highly recommend connecting and adding David to your Rolodex."

photo of Ryan Spear Ryan Spear Spear Travel Group Owner, Mentor, Speaker, Hospitality Professional -

“David and Chris provide business and marketing advice that you aren't even thinking of that helps your business thrive! Thanks to David and Chris, we were able to center our marketing content, drive sales by honing in on our marketing data, and create content to host successful events. No matter your stage in business, David and Chris are excellent mentors to get you started or give you a refresh!"


"Dr. David Cunic is hands down one of the best investment advisors I have ever met. He not only knows his stuff, but he is willing to teach and coach you beyond just the limits of your business relationship. He really cares and takes the time to help you learn all the fundamental things you should know when raising capital."

photo of Anthony Alegrete, M.A.O.L Anthony Alegrete, M.A.O.L 40 Tons Brand COO & Creative Director

"Working with David is powerful but takes grit and perserverance...things every startup founder needs to succeed. His blunt & straight-forward nature makes it easy to identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement while providing constructive feedback that effectively levels up your game"

photo of Peter Kasper Peter Kasper Terpli Founder

Why is the Capital Accelerator Package the right for you?

The UCS Capital Accelerator Package is a uniquely tailored solution for entrepreneurs across varied sectors, offering personalized, actionable insights and comprehensive capital-raising support to secure funding efficiently. It not only elevates your brand’s presence through enhanced visibility and exclusive networking but also imparts long-lasting strategic insights for sustained growth.

With flexible payment structures and a pro-rata refund policy, it ensures peace of mind, allowing you to focus on leveraging extensive resources to achieve your business aspirations. The package’s measurable success through personalized KPIs provides clear insights into progress and effectiveness, fostering continuous improvement and alignment with your business goals.

Capital Accelerator Package$16,298

Expert Advisory Access

On-demand guidance from experts specializing in capital raising, business operations, and innovative marketing strategies.

Capital Raising Advisory

Personalized consultations focused on structuring compelling pitches and identifying prospective investors.

Exclusive Training Sessions

Tailored sessions covering a spectrum of essential business skills, including investor communication and effective negotiation tactics.

Guaranteed Investor Meetings

Secure a minimum of 5 investor meetings, specifically aligned with your business goals.

Investor Relations Support

Post-funding assistance in maintaining healthy investor relationships, managing expectations, and communication strategies.

Content Creation Support

Enhance your digital footprint with engaging content across various platforms, including websites, blogs, and social media channels.

Video & Podcast Interviews

Share your journey and insights through exclusive interviews, amplifying your brand visibility.

VIP Networking Events

Exclusive entry to premium events facilitating interaction with potential investors and fellow entrepreneurs.

Payment Structure & Refund Policy

Payment Terms:

Flexible payment options are available. Credit card, ACH, debit card, or bank wire transfer payment methods are accepted.

Refund Policy:

Worry-free cancellation anytime during the 6 months with a pro-rata refund.

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