Maximizing Q4: Harness the ‘Fall Forward’ Strategy for Intentional Business Growth

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Autumn, with its vibrant hues, cool breezes, and falling leaves, offers more than just a visual treat. It marks a time of transformation – not just in the environment but in our businesses and personal lives. As entrepreneurs, it’s the perfect opportunity to “fall forward” – taking strides not just in progression but with intent, direction, and fresh vigor.

The initial quarters of the year, laden with experiences, mistakes, achievements, and lessons, serve as the foundation upon which we can amplify our strides for the concluding months. Embracing the ‘Fall Forward’ approach means using these foundational insights to ensure the year concludes on a crescendo.

Review and Renew Your Goals

The end of the year isn’t the finish line; it’s the final sprint.

Advice: As the year draws towards its end, a revisit to our goals becomes paramount. Identify the accomplishments, understand the setbacks, and critically analyze if any goals need recalibration to suit your evolving vision.

ACTIVITY:  Create a visual representation that can enhance clarity and focus.

  • Design a bifurcated chart labeled ‘Achieved Goals’ and ‘Pending Goals’.
  • Organize your goals appropriately.
  • For outstanding goals, outline actionable steps for the ensuing week, ensuring you’re consistently progressing.


Meeting #1: Dedicate an hour exclusively for a deep dive into your annual goals. Refresh, ponder, and chronicle your current position. Potential adjustments? Draft them.

Meeting #2: A week thereafter, reexamine your notes. Transition them into a refined version of your yearly goals. Resilience plays a crucial role here. Come November, if many goals remain untouched, the tendency might be to withdraw. Yet, forward-thinking and anticipation can be your pillars of strength.

Meeting #3: Another week down, reapproach your draft. With a rejuvenated perspective, you’ll unearth insights previously overlooked. Solidify your objectives. Whether it’s a digital version or a tangible print, keep them accessible. Dr. David Cunic, CEO of UCS Advisors, is an ardent proponent of the handwritten note, and suggests, “If it’s handwritten, immortalize its essence with a photograph. Place it everywhere – your workspace, your bag, your vehicle.”

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